1. For your first time logging in, you will be prompted to further authenticate yourself, using the Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
    • A QR code will be presented on the website once you have set up your EFI credentials:

    • The next step is to download the Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator app to your phone from the Google Play or Apple Store

    • Once it is installed, you can open it directly on your phone

    • You will then be presented with the following screen (this is Google Authenticator - the Microsoft Authenticator will look similar), click “BEGIN SETUP” at the bottom of the screen:

    • You will then be offered the choice of “Scan a barcode” or “Manual entry” at the bottom of the screen

    • Select “Scan a barcode”   

    • You will need to allow access to your device’s camera in order for it to take a screenshot of the QR code on your computer, click OK

    • The camera is now active and you can point the camera at the computer screen - it will automatically register the QR code and complete the authentication process

    • You will be presented with a verification code in the app on your phone/device

    • Enter this code into the “Enter code” box:
  2. Once you enter the code, you can click the right-pointing arrow (shown above) to enter the platform.

Please note when you enable multi-factor authentication, the internal time on your device and authenticator app must be synchronised.

If you have a company single sign-on account registered with Elucidate, please contact your company Elucidate admin for assistance.