This page allows you to visualise the impact of changes to your portfolio risk appetite and the distribution of scores across your counterparties. 

Grid view

In the Grid view you can see the EFI socre and theme score for each counterparty: 

You can examine how your institution EFI score and ratings compare against other institutions or counterparties:

You can sort institutions by EFI rating or score, from highest to lowest:

You can filter by ratings and scores by:

  •  using the slider to adjust the EFI score or rating to narrow your focus on a select few institutions:

  • setting a manual threshold for the EFI scores or ratings by specifying your preferred minimum or maximum value:

Box Plot view

  • For every EFI risk theme the score is being visualised with a boxplot. It shows the median, the maximum and minimum score of all counterparties in the respective themes. 


You can filter by segments:

  • you can create a new segment with required institutions added in your Counterparties page:

  • Once created, you can choose to turn a segment on or off in the Risk benchmarking page to narrow your institution focus:

Please also watch a video: