It is possible to share your report directly with another institution and user, without waiting for that institution to request your report. Only users with the role of institution_admin can proactively share the report.

To share the report, click on the "Share with..." button in the panel on the top right side, where you can search for an institution.

If the institution is available, it will be displayed, and you can click "Select". If the institution is not available, you can click on Add New Entity. You will be prompted to enter details of the institution and user with whom the report should be shared. Once all the details are entered, click on "Share".

The institution with whom you have proactively shared the report will then be displayed in the Share panel on the right side of the report.


A regular user who does not have the institution_admin role will be able to see the Share panel but cannot add further institutions.

It is only possible to share your financial institution’s Extended reports.