You can find a breakdown of the score your financial institution received for each theme in the intermediate and extended reports:

Please note that the preliminary report does not contain a breakdown of the EFI score into themes.
Your score is displayed in the red box in each theme. There is an additional score provided.

  • Industry median: This allows you to compare your score for each theme with the median for this theme across the industry. This is derived from the set of available profiles in the EFI platform

  • Data completeness: Within each theme, a data completeness percentage is calculated. This is a percentage measurement of the eventualities for this particular theme, for which the complete data was available.

If you wish to show more information on the theme itself and the data points we examine as part of this theme, click on the “View details” button:

The questions and answers displayed are from the Wolfsberg DDQ, with the answers (to the right) being self-declared and have not been altered by Elucidate. 

Should an extended assessment be performed, metrics and information resulting from the assessment will also be displayed in this section: