The information displayed in the dashboard represents your financial institution’s internal and external view - which includes your score on each assessment type, notifications, counterparties, remediation actions and your peer comparison.

These are grouped under these headings:

  • Assessment Scores: There are several assessment types available on the platform, depending on the data you have provided to Elucidate. Beside each assessment type, the EFI score obtained is displayed. You can download the reports directly from here, or view them within the EFI platform. Additionally, you can submit more data by clicking on the “Upload data” button on the top right of the Assessment Scores area.

  • Notifications: Displays any acceptances/rejections of requests from counterparties, report updates, counterparty reports and any requests you may send.

  • Risk Trajectory: Displays graph of your monthly trajectory.

  • Remediation: Displays any remediation actions for your financial institution.

  • Peer risk profile: Provides a high-level overview of how your financial institution compares against selected financial institutions in your peer group. The names of the peer banks are kept anonymous. Selection of peer institutions is performed based on the country, regulator and similar product/business areas.

  • My counterparties: Provides an overview of your five highest and lowest rated counterparties. These are selected based on the score and model used. You can change the assessment type by selecting extended/intermediate/preliminary tabs to the right of the “My counterparties” heading.

  • Counterparty remediation: Displays the next due remediation tickets which have been shared with you, by your counterparties, as well as tickets which have been allocated, by you, to your counterparties.

  • Requests: Displays any incoming or outgoing nomination requests you have sent to your counterparties (outgoing), or requests your counterparties have sent to you (incoming).

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