This tab provides a remediation tool to users of the EFI platform. Following report generation, your financial institution may wish to start initiating remediation actions to work on identified action-areas. 

The remediation tool allows you to create these action tickets for your financial institution against each of the themes. Any or all of the tickets you create here can be shared with your counterparties. 

You can also work with your designated counterparties on aspects of their own remediation actions, as the tool allows you to assign tickets to your counterparties.

By default, it will always display your financial institution when clicked on directly and your financial institution’s name is displayed at the top of the page.

However, if you click on remediation from inside the report of a counterparty, you will see their view of the remediation tool and any tickets/actions they have shared with you. You can confirm this from the name at the top of the page.

To click back to your financial institution’s remediation, click on Remediation at the very top of the page.

Please also watch a video